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  Plasmapen , is a non-surgical , dermato-cosmetic treatment essential in the cosmetic office. Through it we can reduce excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids, on the arms and abdomen after weight loss or on scars and stretch marks regardless of their location.

  It is a revolutionary treatment that should not be missing from your office!

  Join us to learn and practice this procedure in the best conditions.

  Non-surgical treatments are a must have nowadays given the benefits they have compared to surgical ones:

- much shorter recovery time

- lower side effects 

- lower cost

- reduced mental and physical stress


1.  General

   a) Definition of the procedure

   b) Presentation of the device and  operating techniques

2.  Skin anatomy and histology

3.  Procedure information

4.  Contraindications to the procedure

5.  Hygiene and customer training

6.  Working materials

7.  Therapeutic protocols

8.  Working technique

9.  Post-procedure care

10. Treatment sheet and informed consent

11. Clinical cases

12. Practice on the model

13. Knowledge assessment


 🗸 You will have a greater variety of treatments for your clients

  🗸 You will acquire the knowledge necessary to perform this procedure

  🗸 You will improve the quality of the classic cosmetic treatment  

 🗸 You will know the risks and benefits of the procedure

 🗸 You will always have our support

 🗸 You will receive a diploma of participation


0 days


The course takes place physically , 1 to 1, inside the Arborada Medical Center , Oradea.

In order to complete the course, we provide you with all the necessary materials both for the course support and for the practice on the model.  

Course duration: ONE DAY

The price of the course is 1800 RON.

The models for the physical course are provided by us.

In order to register for the course, it is mandatory to have a professional qualification certificate in the field of Cosmetician authorized by the Ministry of Labor.

Contact: 0770 624 745

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