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  BB Glow  a treatment that gives your clients an enviable complexion. It is a treatment located on the border between cosmetic and dermopigmentary mesotherapy. It is not a tattoo in itself, but the procedure can be likened to a semi-permanent , superficial dermatopigmentation.

  The working technique is done with the dermapen device, similar to the microneedle-ing procedure the difference being of course the fact that we use pigments instead of vitamin cocktails and the working end uses nano-traumatic needles technology.

  Following this procedure your client will have a more uniform and hydrated complexion.

  • evens out skin color

  • hides the dark color of the circles

  • covers rosacea

  • fades and covers pigment spots

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1.  General

   a) Definition of the procedure

   b) Device overview

   c) Pigment chemistry

2.  Skin anatomy and histology

3.  Procedure information

4.  Contraindications to the procedure

5. Hygiene and customer training

6.  Working materials

7.  Therapeutic protocols

8. Working technique

9. Post-procedure care

10. Treatment sheet and informed consent

11. Clinical cases

12. Practice on the model

13. Knowledge assessment


 🗸 You will have a greater variety of treatments for your clients

  🗸 You will acquire the knowledge necessary to perform this procedure

  🗸 You will improve the quality of the classic cosmetic treatment  

 🗸 You will know the risks and benefits of the procedure

 🗸 You will always have our support

 🗸 You will receive a diploma of participation


0 days


The course takes place physically , 1 to 1, inside the Arborada Medical Center , Oradea or ONLINE , live on the zoom platform.

In order to complete the course, we provide you with all the necessary materials both for the course support and for the practice on the model.  

Course duration: ONE DAY

Physical price:   1200 RON. 

Online course price: 600 RON

The models for the physical course are provided by us.

In order to register for the course, it is mandatory to have a professional qualification certificate in the field of Cosmetician authorized by the Ministry of Labor.

Contact: 0770 624 745

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